Save hours setting up and managing your next baseball tournament with online applications from Select from brackets only or pool play plus brackets. Our apps provide you with total flexibility plus a vast array of tools to create and schedule pools, schedule bracket play and post scores.

Tournaments are easy to set up. How easy? First time users have had their tournament up in two short evenings of work. After registering and filling out forms that describe your tournament (format, play facilities etc) you simply upload a team list using a regular browser. You're then ready to create pools and schedule pool play and brackets.

What You Get

You get a password protected, user friendly admin site to create and manage your tournament. You also get a separate, ad free site for public viewing. The public site is self generated. Prior to releasing the public site, you can practice, test and become familiar with the service. Practice tournaments can be cleared and re-created as many times as you wish.

Both the admin site and public site are are designed to be accessed via a computer, laptop or tablet. For smartphones, your tournament can be accessed via our mobile site. Later this year, tournament directors will be able to post scores and do other updates via the mobile site.

Pool Play

Pools are created by randomly distributing teams among the number of pools you specify. After creating pools you can move teams around, re-number teams and replace teams. Manual pool scheduling is on a color coded matrix with all information at your finger tips: playing facilities, divisions, pools, etc. Auto scheduling is also available.


Select from single or double elimination with or without consolation brackets. Choose how many teams advance to bracket play. Have one format for all divisions or various formats depending on the number of teams in a Division.


Brackets are created automatically based on the number of teams in each division. Our brackets are our own propriety code. They are fast loading dynamically generated html no PDFs or images.

Public Site

The public site features an easy to use interface with each pool on its own page. Pools and brackets for each division are easy to access. The public site can be temporarily disabled while you're posting scores or making schedule changes. You decide how long to make the public site available after the tournament ends, from two days to 6 weeks.


Post scores for pool play and bracket play online. Seeding is done for you based on the results of pool play. With Internet access now readily available, you can update your tournament while on the road, from a hotel or restaurant. Coaches and parents can similarly go online and get timely updates.